Science of Nutrition

Learn Healthy Eating

Learn Healthy Eating for Various Diagnoses

Digestive Healing and Wellness

Balance Hormones with Food

Healthy Eating for Autoimmune

Eating Healthy for Mental Health

Natural Remedies for Health Issues


Supplements for Bio-Individuality

Meal Planning


Psychology of Eating

Problematic eating such as emotional eating, food addiction, overeating, binge eating, eating to cope or escape, eating in response to trauma, etc.

Body Image









Intention Setting






Chakra Healing


Raising Vibration


Limiting Beliefs

Inner Child Work


We will always work on goal setting and lifestyle planning.  You will receive guidance, support and accountability!


This is not cookie cutter coaching!   I believe in bio-individuality.  I see each individual as unique in their genetics, nutritional needs, soul desire, life experiences, lifestyle, goals, etc. Your sessions are all about you and are customized to you and your needs. 

I help teach how to navigate discomfort so you get a grip on unwanted eating habits.

One on One Coaching

In Person, Phone, or Skype

30 Minute Session $30

60 Minute Session $60

6 One-Hour Sessions $300 {$60 Savings}

10 Thirty Minute Sessions $250 {$50 Savings}


Casual Chat Coaching

Need a caring, non-judgemental ear?  Feeling fearful or stuck?  Having a relationship problem? Or any other topic you’d like to talk through…

I am here. 

I am not a therapist.  I am a holistic coach. Much of my studies have been centered around psychology and spirituality. 


I have experienced being wounded, lost, stuck, confused and lonely.  I have experienced trauma, relationship problems, anxiety and depression.  I understand that place and the need to for a caring non-judgemental ear.  I have been buried in darkness but the light was calling my name as it is calling yours. 

You choose what your offering is, maybe its $20, maybe it’s $100 or maybe it’s a thank you and a testimonial or maybe nothing at all. 

I trust that most will not take advantage of this offer as I’ve set an intention to attract those that I am able to help.  (This is not intended for holistic nutritional coaching). 

So if you're  suffering and in need, please email or message me.  <3



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